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 Posted: Mar 13th, 2009 04:24 AM
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neokortex_simulacrum wrote: What do you think about smoking?
I think it's a disgusting habit.

I don't smoke in public -- never have -- and even after all these years, most of my family and friends have never seen me light up because I don't smoke in front of people either.

I can quit for years but then I take it back up again so this has been an ongoing battle for me.

From what I gather, most EVP experimenters, including me, who smoke are at times inundated with "Stop smoking" messages from our regular evp contacts. But those "stop smoking" messages have been sounding a lot more strident lately and this has alarmed me. My father has recruited other spirits to also bombard me with those messages too and there seems to be a full fledged campaign going on now to tell me to "stop smoking" where they often times follow with, "We are trying to help you" .They even came on the Bridge to do that; and I'm listening.

My sister and I have signed up for a Smoking Cessation program at a medical center. It's an expensive program but they've got a really good success rate. We have our first appt. next month. I've never tried this route before but I'm so alarmed by the EVP messages I've been getting lately, I'm determined to kick this habit once and for all.

Thanks for asking. :)