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 Posted: Mar 11th, 2009 09:09 PM
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Keith Clark

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Hi Linda,

Well, part of why I do ITC is to show that anyone can do most of the experiments that we do (limited by equipment, and expertise, of course) and anyone can communicate with spirit anywhere.

Sure, there are variables that influence that, but there is nothing particularly special about my experiments that cannot be duplicated by anyone anywhere.

The question of the influence of a group environment over the internet is an interesting one, to which I don't have the answer. I think we certainly don't have what we could have if we all gathered together physically - my impression of the effect our group has on our work is on a vibration that we are mostly not aware of - it helps to create our bridge and spurs on much interest and enthusiastic support from our friends in spirit.

Now, if someone were to combine some forms of ITC and physical mediumship - there is no telling what will happen........