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 Posted: Mar 11th, 2009 11:43 AM
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Keith Clark wrote: Excellent job Linda, those make for some very interesting pictures. You'll be happy to know that I bought the web camera we used the first week - so the pictures may improve a little bit.

Unfortunately, I'm short for time at the moment, but while I'm on vacation I'm bound to take a closer look. Eventually what will happen is we will crop out the best images from the smoke and put them on the stream as samples. I think this will be in about 1-3 weeks.

Keep up the good work.

How do you think this compares to your usual methods of pictures from spirit?


Thanks Keith! All I can say is that it was my pleasure!

I'm absolutely mesmerized by the formations that manifest in your "ITC Smoke Experiments". And because we are getting so many of our spirit contacts making attempts to come through your radio, including manifesting their faces on the spectrograph, we know that the stochastic resonance emanating from those members participating in this ITC collaboration via your technology and "theirs" play a big part in the manifestation of those phenomena generating on the Bridge page.

The same follows for those formations seen in the smoke experiments too, though at the present time, I'm not sure about the degree to which our stochastic resonance, individually and as a group, influences the number and quality of those formations seen in these experiments during our Saturday sessions. I would like to see a few smoke experiment recordings outside of those group sessions to see what they look like with only you there and nobody else because at the present time, I suspect that those who are within the immediate vicinity of where these experiments are conducted, have a more immediate and significant effect on those variables; perhaps even moreso than the phenomena that's generated at the radio and spectrograph "stream". The individual and group influence in that method is much more direct.

However, whatever the case may be, I will continue to observe and participate in the smoke experiment sessions because #1, I assume that the positive vibrations from the group at the time those sessions are conducted DO have some effect on those variables mentioned before, and #2, we are witnessing , thanks to you, a live demonstration of the ITC phenomenon right before our eye's on our computer monitor's.

As for drawing a comparison with YOUR "smoke method" to those other ITC methods outside of your radio and spectrograph experimental method which is in another whole realm unto itself, when you look at how many fabulous formations appear during those experiments, I would rate it way up there in terms of the number and consistent quality of ITC images generated within each experimental session not to mention the predictability, depending on who the experimenter is, that those images will show up or not -- to those other ITC techniques. The bottom line is, it just doesn't compare. In those other methods, it's a hit or miss thing but in regards to your smoke method, so far, it seems to be much less so. As an ITC experimenter and researcher, I can honestly say that your ITC smoke method, just like your radio and spectrograph experimental method, has allowed me to experience Christmas everyday now since I logged on to your forum for what turned out to be much more than just an update.... a whole new REVOLUTION in the ITC field is taking place now, thanks to you --  and in my lifetime even! --. better describes it!

Thanks Keith! You've more than lived up to how far I initially thought you would travel on this journey of exploration, and believe me, in your case, those expectations were high -- but what's even better is that you've only just begun!

PS -- What would it be like if you were to put an extreme paranormal skeptic at the controls where you would leave the house for him or her to conduct a smoke experiment alone in your house? It would be interesting to see a recording of that session. :biggrin:

Or... lol, am I annoying you yet? What would the results be like if you gathered up a group of severe paranormal skeptics to view a smoke experiment?  This way may be easier but I'm really curious to see what the results for something like that.

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