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 Posted: Mar 10th, 2009 08:10 AM
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This is the denoised version of this recording, no other modifications have been made to it. It was first denoised in Clear Voice at a very low setting. I then loaded that into Cool Edit and denoised it from there a little bit more.
What I hear in this clip:
After I requested for my dad to say his name, a minute or so later he said "Eddie Flanagan" where the last part of "Flanagan" tapered off where he seemed to be aware of that so he started saying his name again but this time his last name ended in fuzziness due to noise interference.
So at the beginning of this clip it says: "Eddie Flanagan... Eddie Flana_(gets noisy)
But I heard his name being said so immediately following that I say "Thank you very much, I heard you, thank you very much dad".

Attachment: march10_940am_eddieflanagan_CLR_shortened (2)denoisedmore.mp3 (Downloaded 1081 times)