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 Posted: Mar 9th, 2009 09:28 PM
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The live audio filter was "off" on the Bridge tonight undergoing maintenance, but there were a few rare "blasts" here and there at least at the time when I logged back onto the Bridge tonight and in one of them I heard my name being said -- "Linda" very clearly. It seemed out of the blue due to all of the static but I heard it very clearly nevertheless. I was recording the Bridge at the time so that's good -- and, um... I was also smoking...
In the clip that's attached to this post, it says:
"Stop smoking"
And then in the "blast" it said very loudly, "Linda".

The part that's saying "stop smoking" was not heard until this segment was denoised. But to my ears, I'm hearing it very clearly.

The attached clip is the denoised version of the raw clip. Other than denoising it, no other modifications including amplification has been applied to it. The part that says "Linda" sounds exactly the same in the raw clip because it came in so loud. Also heard my dad's name embedded in the noise in the longer version of this recording but that could not be heard until it was denoised.

PS.. just thought I would add this but only posting my clips here to let others know that my spirit contacts are coming through Keith's radio at the Bridge and if their contacts have not come through yet on it, just keep asking that they do! I'm seeing it happen in my case and I'm very excited about this as well as those contacts who are coming through for others members here too!

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