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 Posted: Mar 8th, 2009 06:06 AM
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Thanks for your input Deborah! Nice to know that someone else can hear it too!

And yes, I did raise the pitch 20% (just rechecked that -- thought I only raised it 10% before...) on the denoised version because to my ears, it sounds better that way.

Also, when I compared it to the raw version.. there IS a noticeable difference in the pitch of "Flanagan" from the raw version but at the time when I made that modification, it sounded better raised than at its original pitch... but now when I listened to the denoised version without the pitch raise that version is sounding better to me now.

PS -- Also, the Raw Version is as I got it. No other filtering was done to it
and the volume of the Raw Version is as I got it and I did not raise the volume on either of the denoised clips here either -- just thought I would add that. :)

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