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 Posted: Mar 5th, 2009 03:05 AM
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Hi hi:) well i listened to that clip carefully:) Its nice:)  The energy there is telling us thanks.. we  agree on that:). Only difference is the listening part.. it sort of sounds like "listening" to me but when I slow it a bit more I hear "for this place" "this" sounds a lot like "lis" as in listen or, the other way around:)...At the end the energy is starting to say something else but its cut off there.


You can hear near  the end of the clip a "c" at the end of the word.. pla"c"e.. This is what i get. So the phrase to me sounds like "Thanks for this place". And of course that means " thanks for the stream" It gives energy a place to communicate with us and they really really want that as much as we do i believe.

But like i said.. both of these phrases pretty much say the same thing in a different way:) and my interpretation could be off. But what fun trying to figure it out )

Another validation that energy is trying to communicate with us.. and it is.