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 Posted: Mar 2nd, 2009 09:25 PM
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I just read over the Basic Guidelines on the Stream page and #1 says this:
Voice 1. If you hear a loud, buzzing noise - that is most likely spirit. It cannot be understood (so far), so do not exert effort to make the unintelligible intelligible.Participants are encouraged to attempt to interact with spirit, however basic the mode of communication may be. Do not claim what is not true, and if you want to demonstrate interaction with spirit, this is best done with recordings that include both sides of the interaction, both yours and spirit. Spend some time on the stream, and your questions will be answered.

The part that I underlined caught my attention because in my first audio clip (also its raw version too), I included my voice at the beginning of it saying "Hi Dad" where I mentioned that I said that because I thought I had heard my dad saying his name a second or so earlier.

But I didn't include the first section of the recording where I thought I heard him say his name because I only wanted to post the best part of this longer recording, a part that I thought some here might be able hear what I'm hearing. So that's the part I isolated which included me saying "Hi Dad" at the beginning which I included to show that I was interacting with my dad at the time when I was recording from the Bridge.  That clip is in my first post here.

So because I was interacting with my dad after I heard his name being said where I then responded by saying "Hi Dad", I'm posting this longer version of the recording that includes those sections where I thought I heard him say his name as well as what's in the first clip, a part that I isolated from this longer attached recording.  That part is at the end of this recording.

Here's the waveform image of this recording which shows where those understandable voices (the ones I thought I understood what was being said) are coming in. I left in the sections that to me are unintelligible intact and did not delete them. Those sections are included in this audio too.

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