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 Posted: Mar 2nd, 2009 12:03 PM
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Hi Deborah,

I first insert my images that I post in this forum onto a webpage where I then upload that page to my server.

When I insert an image from my webpage into a post here, I first click on "insert image" that's the second little box with the 3 balls that's at the end of the line above where that You Tube box is.

Then I enter in the url for the image... i.e. the name of the image file. Image files end with jpg. or gif or png... whatever format that image is. Unlike URL's for webpages, this kind of URL is only for images and does not end as htm.

Then when I do that, the image appears in the post. I do the same thing for each image file I want to insert into a post... each time I insert an image, I have to bring up the "insert image" box here and enter in the url for that image. Lol, a little time consuming when you have a lot of images to put in a post.

Many times I just put all of the images onto one background in photoshop and save it as one image.  This way I only have one image with a lot of other images on it to insert on a webpage to upload to my server where I then insert it into a post here.

Hope this helps!

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