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 Posted: Mar 2nd, 2009 10:44 AM
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Had to convert the raw segment of the clip I posted in the first post to mp3 from 'wav' because the wav. file was too big to upload here.. hope this works. In my first clip in my first post here, I denoised it and raised the pitch a bit of my dad's voice where he's saying "It's Eddie, listen to me" also speeded it up a little too because when I did that, I heard what he was saying more clearly. Attached is the raw version of that clip.

PS Also... in this raw clip, my name (linda) is said right after my dad says It's Eddie, listen to me. Cut that off in my first audio clip I posted in my first post here ... didn't even realize it was there until I just listened to the mp3 converted clip of the raw version that I have attached here in this post.

Attachment: hidad.mp3 (Downloaded 1760 times)

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