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 Posted: Mar 2nd, 2009 07:38 AM
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I thought I heard my dad say his name at the bridge a few times since I first logged on there but you know how it is, things aren't coming in clear enough to say with any certainty that what's being said isn't something just in ones imagination especially when it comes to names that come in all the time in our regular evp recording sessions outside of the Bridge. But having said this, some of the recordings posted here in this forum from the Bridge have been surprisingly good so this certainly is very encouraging!

Well, anyway, I got the attached recording last week and this morning I took the time to listen to it carefully. There was a lot being said on it but I isolated the part that I think others might be able to discern what's being said in it. At any rate, to my ears, I'm hearing it very clearly.

Here's a waveform image of what's being said in the attached clip:

I had heard my dad's name being said a second or so earlier so I then said "Hi Dad" which you can hear at the beginning of this clip. Then after I said that, what followed was unintelligible (deleted that part in the attached clip) couldn't understand what was being said but then after that I heard my dad say, "It's Eddie, listen to me".

Attachment: Its_eddie_listen_to_me.wav (Downloaded 862 times)