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 Posted: Mar 1st, 2009 11:45 AM
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Keith Clark wrote: You know, I'm sorry. I really must have been tired last night. Of course you had the audio with it, I muted it! Duh, Keith!

I guess what I was trying to say in a nice way was that what I saw in the spectrograph video I would not attribute to the influence of spirit - though they are certainly with us at all times on the stream :)


Apology accepted :)
In my very humble opinion, what's showing in the video speaks for itself but it sounds like what ever it was that popped up like that with that thing that it appears to be holding and that line that shot out from it where it then arched over to the other end of the stream does not qualify as something that's from the etheric realm. I'm seeing a very definite "form" with a head and so on...  But you are saying that you think it's something else like a glitch of some sort in the stream at that point in time when it happened. I'm ok with that... Will just see if something like this ever happens again. I found it very intriguing.

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