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 Posted: Mar 1st, 2009 02:24 AM
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Keith Clark wrote: Hi Estee, I don't take the visual interpretation of the spectrograph as you do, and it would be difficult for me to comment on it without having the accompanying audio to compare. This has been something of a troublesome week for audio on the stream. Keith Hi Keith, Thanks for your input. I've inserted a slightly longer version (audio included) of the original segment that I isolated from the recording I made that day of the stream that shows all of this onto a webpage. (Please see link below). The "event" occurs in the last third section of this clip.
Video of the topic of this thread

 I'm going to delete that vid from You Tube now... only put it there so I could insert a vid directly into a post here for members to view it directly without having to click on a link to go to another page. :) I will insert that same video on a webpage instead and post a link to it in my first post in this thread to replace the You Tube vid I have there now.  

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