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 Posted: Feb 27th, 2009 05:29 PM
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As for your second recording, I normally do agree with Deborah's interpretations of what she hears in evp but, in this case, my edit of your recording is different as it already seems "clean" enough where any more denoising of it would only take out important information to let us know what's being said in it. (sorry Deb :blush:)

Just saying that even after her edit of it, I'm not hearing what she is (or anything clear for that matter) but once again, I don't feel that it was necessary to denoise the one that you (eyewave) posted in this thread. This said though, because your version is so high pitched, I wondered what it would sound like if I lowered the pitch a bit and found that it was saying something entirely different than Deb's version... lol, such is the nature of the beast. Good capture though and hope you post more of them in this forum! :biggrin: