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 Posted: Feb 14th, 2009 01:10 PM
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Keith Clark

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Saturday morning.

7 people to start, 6 people at the end of session.

During this session we had a small hiccup. We experienced mention of a cuss word possibly being heard by a participant. Conversation about the fear of negative entities also ensued.

This conversation was abruptly terminated and explained as follows: focusing on (and creating) fear of negative entities and anything associated with the word negative ends up actually being negative to the circle, and thus - is not conducive to our aims or objectives. What is not conducive to our aims and objectives is simply not allowed when participating in the stream circle. It is a circle, and will be treated just like a physical mediumship circle in regards to etiquette and focus.

In over 3 years of working with radio, I have never been sure of hearing anything negative. Not only have I never been sure of hearing something negative, 99% of what I hear from spirit I have not understood with a 100% certainty. It makes no sense to claim that something negative is heard when we cannot be sure of it, because it can only be damaging to our vibration of the circle. In addition, even if something negative was said and we did hear it, I would completely ignore it. There is nothing to be gained by giving anything negative or associated with negative......any attention whatsoever.

After we worked through this issue together, we recorded two clips as a group. At the beginning of the session spirit came through, but in voice emanating from electrical disturbance (which cannot be understood at this time) An hour later, they obliged with thes two clips:

Clip 1:


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