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 Posted: Feb 10th, 2009 01:57 AM
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Hi Friends,

This discussion has prompted me to consider the filtering of white or pink noise with an array of vocal range tone filters. The concept of wide band noise is that all the frequencies within a practical band are generated by a noise source. If a true noise source can be filtered to limit the output to a limited group of tones, the spirit voices that might be present in that noise source can be synthesized by mixing those tones. The advantage is the suppression of intermediate frequencies that might muddy the intelligibility.

This is a crude synthesis like the buzz of the Spiricom. It isn't likely to be an improvement but it might prove the random noise is the carrier if spirit intelligence. The radio static in direct radio, or system baseline noise in a recorder are the same characteristic random signal as the output of a zener diode noise source.

The images in the spectrum display on the stream experiment suggests that more intelligence is carried by noise than just vocal data. The path to clear communication is the accurate capture of the streaming data from a random source and the synthesis of intelligible speech and images.

When I get the resources I hope to build a filter array to test this possibility.

Joe Cioppi