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 Posted: Jan 17th, 2009 10:13 PM
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Leading on from the post by Paranormpi, regarding using Stefan's EVP Maker software and SpeakJet tones...I decided on an experiment.

The idea, was to use the SpeakJet allophones in combination with modified Spiricom tones. The Zappa set of Spiricom tones, termed Zappa in this forum for the sound they seemed to remind the original poster of (where is that post? i'd like to find it again and give credit to that great launch point). Originally, i'd edited the tones down to fit on a 32k sized Eprom chip, to be played on my sample player as part of a field investigation hand held unit...but, the resultant slightly hissy tone set seemed very well suited to being put behind the SpeakJet allophones.

All sounds a bit complicated, but it seems to work very very well. The combination is Spiricom, SpeakJet and white noise (hiss).

I was wondering if Stefan himself minded such extrapolations or anyone else who recorded the original tones I mucked about with. On asking that question I got the result in the attached mp3 (SZSJpossibleanswer.mp3), perhaps "You have..and terms the abuse of people who's current...terrible than you" and some other words i'm not sure of, where the dots are. Seemed to be an answer though, pointing to others doing a lot worse than edit tones!  This is the whole few seconds recording, no edit etc. 

Also attached is the combination tones file, which can be directly loaded into EVP Maker. I used 'Overlap' and 'X-fade' check boxes.

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