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 Posted: Jan 8th, 2009 08:24 PM
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Q:  How does this work? It just picks up readings and then translates the emf to audible language as your holding it? Do I understand this correctly? TY Jan-07-09 A: 

Yes, but its output is made up of allophones. The 72 parts of human speech. It has a processor to convert the changes in emf to a signal and that is used to drive a speech chip.

Here is another chance to get a real Dead Science Speakjet box.  I am selling this one for a fund raiser for the APART paranormal team.

They are at   This is a true speakjet paranormal device.  It will convert EMF to speech.  I do not sell them and normally give them away.  I have not built any for several months.  Regan from APART asked if I would do this so the team could earn some needed funds.  All the funds from this sale will go to the APART team.

The winner will get a PAY PAL invoice from APART and once they get paid I will ship it right out.  US BUYERS ONLY...  PAY PAL ONLY.

I am not responsible in any way for the use or misuse of this item.  Know what your doing when you use it!!!!!