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 Posted: Jan 6th, 2009 12:17 AM
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Happy New Year all. Dr. Rorke went to Florida at the end of Dec. 2008, and on new years day, he and Tom Pratt went to the storage facility that the actual Spiricom device has been stored in for years. They did power it up... I was standing by on my end in Seattle with my recorder next to my speaker phone.... I do have a short bit of audio of this call posted at :                                                

There are pictures of this event posted now as well. There is so much information regarding Spiricom and the people involved, but one thing I am leaning on at this point unfortunately is this.... it may very well have been a huge deception, and without Bill O'Neil and the all important electro-larynx, the Spiricom may be somewhat of a disappointment.

Just to make it QUITE clear... neither Dr. Rorke or myself are implying that the phenomenon or field of EVP are bogus because of this. I for one have surprised myself, and from what I have witnessed for over twelve years now, others too when it comes to the audio evidence I can come up with in my own ITC experiments, indicating that there's definitely something all around us that is available to connect with. Rorke is very dedicated to following through with tracking down and adding up leads... I've noticed that some people jump to an incorrect assumption/conclusion that he is intending to debunk EVP in general.. This is an incorrect assessment !

I am not just pointing this out here BTW.. I read forums on many websites... Rorke is very aware that evp holds potential for observing unique evidence of profound importance. He has mutually experienced strange EVP interruptions with me during our phone calls.. even though he could not hear these EVP bursts as they occurred, he certainly has heard the recordings I've made on my end, and one in particular shook him a little, since it was an identical message to one that he'd found earlier on in a totally different location while conducting an evp recording session  . Here's a link to a page that's got a couple dozen examples of some of these :


I do want to offer people the opportunity to check this stuff out if they care to..

         Take care ........... Brian J.

PS : just yesterday, Rorke forwarded me a pdf copy of yet another very rare polaroid photo of Bill O'Neil in his cowboy hat & costume, holding a ventriloquism dummy. He also included a few pictures of O'Neil's burned out house in rural Pennsylvania, where he continued to live while left in this condition. This house is the location where he reportedly conducted the Spiricom recording sessions.

I've posted these along with the forementioned material. There will be MUCH more posted within the next few days !

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