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 Posted: Dec 27th, 2008 09:36 PM
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Wish i'd kept hold of some recordings from my Marbury Hall 3 year investigation (2003-2006). That was a wonderful slow acceptance by the spirits there and made me believe all this para communications stuff could really be possible. At the start of intense EVP work, carried on for some while afterward, a fellow researcher and I would often encounter our own voices on recordings. This was highly weird, because after the umpteenth time of the effect we decided to say only pre-decided words. Lo and behold, extra words would appear.
One example, in a graveyard where the family of the former country hall were buried. My friend tripped while walking, the recording had her state she had nearly fallen and then straight afterward the word 'ouch' which she didn't say !
There were loads of occurences of imitated voicings, as we called them.

Key to those experiences are the following:
1, The voice will be a continuation of the living persons voice, or immediately before it, no gap at all.
2. The EVP will usually be a little different in volume than surrounding words spoken by the living person. Sometimes the difference is a dramatic increase, immediately noticeable as odd.
3. Intonation is invariably different. Try to say something like 'mary had a little lamb' out loud, but accentuate the 'a' doesn't sound right and that's indicative of such spirit voices.
4. From our experience, these voices last a short while, perhaps 2 or 3 months and then the spirits pull through with their own voices. The voice over voice imitations are then dropped as a contact method.

Seems to me that the recording you have is one of those type of EVP's. As you say, it's a local location, i'm sure they would say more on a return.