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 Posted: Dec 27th, 2008 09:10 AM
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The first clip, I hear something in all the versions, but it's too tough to call. Sounds somewhat like a reused tape of a radio program it's so full of voice material. Presuming it was a digital recorder or fresh tape, that in itself is very interesting. Like they wanted to talk as much as possible so that you could capture something.

For the other clip...
I hear 'Sir James, in 90'. The 'Sir James' is a strong whisper, like someone reading a headstone might make. The 'in 90' seems like your wife's voice, it being somewhat different to the whisper. Is there any relevance or reference whatsoever to the name or date at the location (1790, 1890, a death or strong action) ?
The walk, whomever it is, seems to have the movement of someone holding on to a bannister railing and shifting their weight down. The interpretation would be of a heavy set person, getting tired out and moving in such a fashion.
I don't believe the walk to be of your wife, this sound is much more laboured and struggling.

Whether to reverse ? hmm, well I guess for my own view, the reasons for a reversal would be in the interpretations before and afterward of the voice data. If that data became relevant and lead on to newly discovered facts, then it would certainly be worthwhile. Also, perhaps reversal works for certain energy levels, of those still alive doing the recording and of the deceased...a sort of vortex/tornado of whirled data, some of which ends up backwards.

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