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 Posted: Dec 26th, 2008 12:08 PM
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Keith Clark

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On Christmas day at approximately 10:00am, spirit made 3 distinct attempts to bring a message through the newly established ITC Bridge Radio Collaboration Project.

Our scheduled time of anticipation for such a message was 11am. Prior to this, they had initiated voice attempts on Christmas eve, as early as 6am - continuing on until late in the evening. What has become apparent is that they have shown their support by recognizing our attached significance to holidays and their meaning. Before the start of the project, sustained voice attempts were sparse and intermittent. Since the start of the project, these types of attempts have more than tripled in quantity.

Here is the third and final clip. It appears that spirit induced stray radio for the purpose of providing energy for getting a message through. It seems that the majority of the message is stray radio, and not spirit communication - YET there IS spirit communication in this clip.

The only part of this clip that I find clearly intelligible is in the middle, when a gentleman says....

"I'm the captain" Audio Clip HERE

We thank spirit for their Christmas message.

For more information, or to view the stream, please visit this topic:

Keith Clark

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