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 Posted: Dec 26th, 2008 09:10 AM
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On one of our trip's out to capture EVP's my wife and I visited one of our local cemetery's.
I had my camera so I could snap some picture's while the wife was operating the recorder's.
While in the mausoleum I was busy with all thats involved with trying to take picture's,low light,trying to figure out what would be a good shot?,should I use the flash or not?,battery power level?,Etc,Etc.
So to make along story short,I was busy with the camera and when my wife would say something I really didnt pay to much attention because I figured she was asking question's to the spirit's for the recording's.
Later when listening to the recording's we found this,
My wife says,
"There's Stair's Going Down We Never Went Down Before"
(Since I was Busy with the Camera I didnt respond)
She then says "Oh god your deaf!"
Well I could hear that and said "What's That?"
So she repeated herself,
"Theres stair's going Down We Nev...We didnt go down before"
In this clip that is all we said,
The other sounds are what was captured...(Raw Clip)

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