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 Posted: Nov 14th, 2008 04:53 PM
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If you see this video in motion, then you are actually viewing LIVE real-time audio/video!!
Ask spirit to send you an image or speak to you, as they are fully aware of your efforts

For the full video and chat capabilities,
GO to the page with the largest video window, and the most information on this project here: 

For more information as to how this project started, please download this file:

Basically, this feed was created so we can conduct real-time
experiments as a group, across the world.

     We spend:
75% of the time viewing and collecting spirit images through sound
15% of the time observing spirits attempts at trying to establish voice
   10% of the time conducting various other ITC experiments

***************Recorded Videos***************

Here is a video of the live recording on Nov15, 2008.
It may give youan idea of what to expect during a broadcast.
It is 45 minutes long.

And here is a short sample of attempting to capture a spirit image.

Here is a second sample of attempting to capture a spirit image.

Here is a recording on November 17th, 2008 - the 9th day of this broadcast.
Spirit is demonstrating voice attempts using multiples of 60hz,
the frequency at which electricity appears on a graph.

Here is another recording on Nov 17th, 2008.


***************Video Tutorials***************

Here is a tutorial explaining how to download and use Screen Grab Pro v1.5
free software to capture images from a live feed:

Here is a video tutorial for embedding videos (such as youtube) and live
streams (such as ustream) in a WowBB forum (such as ITC Bridge, AAEVP,
The Circle UK EVP Group, and The Australian EVP / ITC forum):

***************Additional Information***************

This broadcast is simulcast to the following website pages:
ITC Bridge:
AAEVP Forum:
ITC Bridge forum:
The Circle UK evp group forum:
The Australian EVP / ITC Research & Development Forum

Want to share? Capture your own images from the live feed
and send them to myself or Tyrone.
Samples will be selected and posted here, to share with the rest of the world.
Images will be selected at discretion of Keith, unless
otherwise requested or specified by participant.
Email: [email protected]

Anyone is welcome to contact me at any time if they have
any additional questions or creative ideas.

Keith Clark