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 Posted: Nov 8th, 2008 07:20 AM
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With all the recent resurgence in stories about the original Spiricom I decided to post a photo of what is left from my optical experiment system built in March of this year. The circuit was on a proto-board and a few components have now been re-used in other projects.
The black square is a velcro patch and held an identical loop stick antenna (coil and core) that was used to fine tune the circuit. In operation the LED array would light brightly and you could detect some oscillation of the light intensity as influenced by the tones. The transformer, power supply, audio amplifier and modified recorder are not shown as they are simply separate components of the system. Recording was performed in a darkened room with the only light source being that of the LEDs. Dr Stiffler has updated his SEC circuit and I have no doubt when used as an LED driver it would perform just as well as this prototype. Dr Stiffler does not experiment with EVP or ITC.
And here is a link to an early version of this prototype when I was first discovering some of the unusual properties of the circuit. This was months prior to the optical Spiricom modifications.

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