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 Posted: Oct 29th, 2008 06:10 AM
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Well its now been a few days since I recorded the above post(The Test Word Cypress)and I have had some more time to examine that clip and the rest of the recording it came from.The entire recording was a little less than 32 seconds long while the clip that was posted was only 5.09 seconds from that.From that 5.09 seconds of recording I not only hear my test word (Cypress) but I hear much more.
First I hear "Receiving Ray" almost like a person talking with a radio,
Second I hear "So Take a break Ray".."So check your Pressure" (Blood?).."Check your Heart" then finally I hear "You Live in Cypress" (Joecioppi you are correct).
So much information in such a little time span and the only processing that was done was to slow the clips down by 30% maximum and add some silence (500MS) between phrase's.
So here are my test results to share with all of you,
Bottomline is I did indeed get my test word of "Cypress"
(The city where I live) But what really floor's me is 1.calling me by name,and
2.The fact that four years ago I had an quadruple open heart bypass surgery.
So the question is? Am I making these sounds fit? or are they real?
Thanks for your comments Keith and your test methods are inspiring and correct I will agree they should be done..
I will post the sections I have described above..
If theres any doubt
Remember you can always "As a test' examine my first post and see if you get the same results.

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