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 Posted: Oct 26th, 2008 09:24 AM
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I have had interesting results with using Stefan Bion's
Although I must admit that I still continue to question if perhaps maybe the answer's that I am getting are just coincidental?
So this morning I decided to try a semi controlled test to see if I could use a control word of my choice.
I ask the spirit's that if they indeed could use evpmaker to help them to communicate with this side to please repeat my test word of "Cypress".
(The city that I live in).
The raw material I used for this test was a news broadcast (In English) that I recorded last year.I had the setting's on evpmaker set as "From 200 ms" "To 100 ms" and z-cross checked.
I also checked the recording I used to be sure that it did not contain the word "Cypress".
This clip is unchanged from the way it was recorded,
The last sound you will hear I believe to be the word of "Cypress"
In this clip you will hear me say "The Word is Cypress"

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