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 Posted: Oct 15th, 2008 12:53 PM
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After a week long build time and a year long research study, my best field ready device has been completed.

Para-meter Royal

The device features:
On/Off switch - both the popular K-II and 'Most Haunted' EMF units don't have one !
EMF sensors - AMD 8255 4 LED bar on the top left, MPF102 level indicator middle right
Infra-Red sensor - top right with sensor mounted directly in front
Sweep radio - rate indicator LED bottom right and sweep rate adjust control below
Headphone out port - both for field listening and output to an amplifier/PC/etc
Sweep switch - auto scan or simply listen to the radio
Touch sensor - mounted on front (single wire)
Flashlight - mounted on the front
Compass - on rear and detachable
Rechargeable battery - 3.6V Ni-Cd
Recharge port - USB or cell phone wall charger, selectable with a switch
Recharge indicator LED

Possibly one of the smallest and feature rich type units around, Para-meter Royal is intended to combine many useful paranormal research tools within one hand held case. The name was derived from the colour of paint a pleasant finish but also allowing the various readings to be seen clearly in low light conditions.
The EMF sensing features redundancy, housing 2 completely different methods of operation. The 8255 chip reading can be compared against the reading from the MPF102, so often just one type of EMF detection is utilised by researchers and this was felt to be an important area of the build.
Infra-Red detection is an ambient reading, not just of the 3 inches or so of mouse type designs. While paranormal photography has been successful in the infra-red range, it is thought possible that such energy may be increased when a spirit is present. If not, and possible spirit photographs using a modified camera result, then the unit will have helped to prove the case.
The sweep radio is based upon the popular Silan SC1088, with many thanks to Joe on this messageboard for steering me in the right direction on several aspects of its functions.
The touch sensor utilises a feature of the 8255, a single wire based extinguishing of all the LED's. While it is often reported that people feel they are being touched or indeed pushed by a spirit, this feature may give visual feedback of such a sensation.
The flashlight has a good range and offers good illumination.
The compass, mounted on the rear, is detachable and of use for frequently reported spinning needle effects within investigations. It's other use, of course, is to help a researcher find their way around an unfamiliar location.
All functions are powered by a salvaged and rejuvenated 3.6V battery pack. The battery can be recharged both via USB from a computer, or by using a standard wall cell phone recharger. It is also possible to charge the unit using a palm sized self built hand cranking unit (1F super capacitor and motor with a handle), so that the draining of batteries situation often encountered during investigations need never be a problem. 

There are no plans to create circuits or manufacturer more of the unit, purely for financial reasons, but it is hoped the unit will prove to be as useful to study and research as my other Para-meter's have been.