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 Posted: Oct 9th, 2008 02:55 AM
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To Jeff and Keith,

I'm on the verge of becoming homeless myself due to the inability of my disability check to pay all the bills.

The impression that I got was from block diagrams I found on the internet.  The system shown seemed to be using an FM modulator fed by the 13 audio tones. An FM system audio reception wouldn't be strongly influenced by ambient fields. However, an AM system's audio would be affected by random ambient static and EMF fields.

One would need HAM gear to operate at 29Mhz AM. The Citizen's Band radios were AM, operated around 27Mhz, and were full of static. CB gear might be ideal for a Spiricom system. The reasoning, in this case comes from my belief that the spirit intelligence (voices) is imbedded in the random background noise caused by random static electric fields and random magnetic EM fields. The operation of SpeakJet devices seems to support this theory.

Base band "radio" receivers detect VLF noise fields and detect audio frequencies carried in these fields....are used to listen to "earth sounds" that sometimes are whistles, angel choirs, etc. These receivers have been reported to pickup strange voices, also.

My FM "Joe's Box" scanning radio uses swept tuning that briefly selects broadcast vocals at random intervals. This is not random noise but has the unpredictable nature of noise. That random nature contains the intelligence that produces rational conversation and spirit messages from bits of FM radio broadcasts.


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