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 Posted: Oct 8th, 2008 06:08 PM
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joecioppi wrote: Hi,

I haven't been able to find any real electronic schematics for the former equipment used on Spiricom   experiments. The interesting thing about Spiricom's multi-tone modulation is that the speech chip used in The Puck an Ovilus uses 5 tone synthesizers mixed to make speech allophones. Ambient random changes in EMF ,temp, etc. is used to trigger the chips speech functions. This sounds like a form of Spiricom without the use of radio gear to pickup the random noise.

Hello Joe.  There are not any schematics as such for Mark IV.  This was a system of  discrete precision equipment from NASA, except for the 13 tone voice generator which the MetaScience Foundation developed. 

Keith is correct.  It was not the tones themselves that were modulated.  It was the RF energy that was modulated.  We still do not know by what means.  We, and the MetaScience Foundation engineers, believe the RF was modulated by electro-magnetic undulations.  Hence, the carrier constant wave (29.575 MHz), between the transmitting antenna, and the receiving antenna, was disturbed by the electro-magnetic force impinged from the spirit.

This makes total sense.  In all RF communications, an RF carrier wave, of intense power, is generated.  That RF wave energy becomes modulated either by amplitude (AM); or frequency (FM); or by phase (PM), and is received by the receiver via the receiving antenna.

Either way, the receiver is set up to de-modulate the disturbance of the carrier.  After de-modulation, the carrier wave is stripped off, leaving only the audio information.  That information is sent by analog amplification to audio speakers; recorders; and any other audio analytic devices.

To sum up:  It's not the vocal tones that matter from the Spiricom experiments.  Those tones are only carried by the Rf carrier.  It's the RF; RF power; frequency; mode of modulation (Spiricom Mark IV was AM); and the spiritual connection that the user of the Spiricom device has.  In the case of Bill... had.

I hope this is of help in your understanding of the physical conditions of Spiricom.

Hello Keith, and everyone.  No, I haven't transitioned.  I just went through a rough time of loss of employment; relocation; re-establishment at the new location, including wife and cat; furniture; and everything heavy that you can think of.