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 Posted: Oct 5th, 2008 03:19 PM
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This image really is not similar to a usual fractal. I uploaded original file in archive there:
Sorry, I specified incorrect resolution of it - 1500 is approximate size of file in Kb :blushing:.
...If to peer it is possible to see the distortions similar to losses caused by compression of JPEG format...
I have asked Julia by e-mail, whether she agrees to publish its case with all details, and I look forward to answer.

I one of those who is dissatisfied with activity of Artem Micheev and Russian Association of ITC (RAIT). They
apparently do attempt to put ITC on a commercial basis and don't publish results of their researches and information about their project "Transradio". My russian colleagues and I have started the new project called "Live Noise".

One of these days to me there was one more case having color of ITC. I'll public it here later.


I thinked about randomness long before.
By the way the principle of feedback loop is self-repetition similar to fractal.

With best regards, Saitan