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 Posted: Oct 5th, 2008 12:22 PM
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Your English is fine, better than how some English speaking people write hehe

For a fractal image it's almost artwork. Something you look at for a minute and don't see anything, then look at again and see the image of a man as clear as day !
It's a great image and something i'm sure Julia would have noticed originally.

It brings the question of randomness, something we daily experiment with in ITC. Forming and shaping, based on random information. Fractals would be exactly the sort of thing to be manipulated by a spirit, it would seem. The way a fractal is created, although intensely mathematical, can create a randomness every time from the same calculations...part of the appeal and much like a kaleidoscope.

A very interesting image and, to me, shows a man looking left to right, with a beard and prominent nose. He has dark bushy hair and a center parting. Seems to be late 40's in age.

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