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 Posted: Oct 5th, 2008 12:09 PM
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Hi Keith, excuse me that has kept you waiting.

Original name of file is untitled.bmp. The directory contain russian names (E:\Юля\Фрактальные картинки\). Free translation is E:\Julia\Fractal pictures\. This picture not resemble anyone. Resolution of original file is 1500x1500, it's bitmap too.
It what writes Julia:

In in this folder fractals, I download them in one day. All them 24 and I repeatedly them looked. And has some days ago opened a folder and has found out a new picture. Believe, I perfectly know all contents of this folder. And, the system gives out that the new picture has been created at the same time, as the others. But it in general is impossible, as, again I will repeat, before it was not exact.

Also Julia tell me that other files is in JPEG format.

Sorry for terrible English.