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 Posted: Sep 30th, 2008 12:00 PM
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I turned on my webcam late last night and directed it to the wall behind me just over my head because I felt a presence in my room and also heard a high pitched sound,like the buzzing of bee's, too.
I was curious to see if anything would show up on video if I recorded one at that moment and,lo and behold, as I was sitting there hoping something would show up, A TINY BRIGHT BLUE LIGHT FLASHED over my head which I saw on my webcam screen on my computer monitor as I was watching the video while my webcam was in "record" mode.
Note: That light flashes at 0:07 / 0:12 in this You Tube clip.
Anyway, I was so thrilled that that had happened, I've decided to share it with others -- so here's that clip!

Also want to add that I live in an apt. on the top floor of a high-rise on Lake Erie. When you look out my window, all you see is the lake but last night I had the vertical blinds closed over the window and if it weren't for the rather dim fluorescent lamp I had on in my bedroom at that time (including the light of my computer monitor), the room would have been pitch black. Just added the above information to point out that that bright blue light that flashed in my room at that time came out of nowhere -- completely out of the blue.

Additional Information to my fellow ITC experimenters:
In actuality, my spirit contacts signaled me via "sound" late last night where I then turned on my webcam. Right after I gave my usual greeting and thanked them for wanting to contact me, a light flashed in the room which I explain in the information above that I typed into the You Tube information box on that page.

NOTE: If you expand this video to full screen, you will see that that light is actually in the shape of an ORB!
But in order to expand this vid to full screen, you have to go to the You Tube page that it's on to do that.

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