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 Posted: Sep 3rd, 2008 06:29 AM
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A couple of years later, I still look forward to the weekly messages from Montague Keen to his wife, Veronica. They are usually posted every Sunday afternoon, with few exceptions.

When I read the messages of inspiration, I take them into my own heart. When I hear and think of a global movement towards enlightenment and open truth, I think of it as occurring across all fields of work related to spirit and humanity. The Montague Keen Foundation is one of the few places where I receive that consistent message of hope, a glimmer of light.

Why do I take the time to preserve a thread for this on this forum? Well, the most obvious is that I have brushed paths and communicated in some form or another with the people involved in these group - and my impression and opinion is that they're genuine. I don't get the feeling when I talk to them that they're out for a ride, or trying to impress people - I get the feeling as if they're just like you and me, regular, normal people. And in this way we connect - as if it were different local chapters of an organization, divided by the sea, but working towards the same ultimate goal of proving life after death.

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