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 Posted: Aug 14th, 2008 05:36 PM
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       Wow that is absolutly amazing. If that doesn't intrigue someone I don't know what will. So it sounds like yours is alot better than the Ovilus 1. So are you guys just using the one you made or are you making them to sell as well? My mother died around 12 years ago of suicide and well her spirit just never left. Its been at times scary but for the most part just a bit creapy at times. My mothers spirits literaly pinned down my sister inlaw and at a different time but on the same day my husband pinned them down to the bed so they couldn't move and whispered in each one of there ears tell Cheri and Chuck sorry. Ofcourse to my sister inlaw it was tell Chuck and to my husband it was tell Cheri. That is just one of the things that have happined I mean I could write a book with the countless times things go weired. So you can see my concern with wanting some kind of device to hear what she has to say. I have a gift of seeing things and predicting major events in my family. To be perfectly honest I predicted my moms passing but I didnt know she was going to die of suicide. She wasnt deepressed or atleast I didnt know. I was just 17 at the time. So yes I am intrigued by both devices. I just want answers and I don't want to wait untill I die to get them.  I realy appreciate all your help I do one day hope to buy something that will help. Right now its not finacialy right for me unfortunatly. But I do hope to one day hopefuly within the next year or two get one. By the way you look so familiar have you been on any t.v shows? Ok thankyou Keith much appreciated.