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 Posted: Aug 14th, 2008 02:41 PM
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We created a device around the same time Ovilus was being created. Ours is called the speakjet box, as it uses the Speak Jet voice chip.

We have used the Ovilus, and compared it too the Speakjet.

Ours runs on allophones and emf. We get a lot of the basic 72 allophones of hte human voice "Oooo, aaaa, eee, thhh, stttt" etc. But, when it wants to talk, it talks.

We were at the Harvard Exit Theatre in Seattle. We were on the third floor, in the women's restroom. It said "Outside, scary, outside".. two seconds later THREE GUNSHOTS happened in the alley behind the theatre. It preempted the gunshots.