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 Posted: Aug 13th, 2008 12:22 PM
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Thanks for the welcome. I am glad to have found the forum.

It is interesting to apply a forensic methodology to my analysis of EVP cases. I enjoy my job very much and it is really interesting when a case comes along that fits into this category.

Most cases are based on intelligibility when it comes to forensic audio. By applying the same techniques to EVP recordings the revelations can be outstanding.

I have worked on cases where a client could hear dialog where there should be none. I have found some to be very interesting and questionable.

One case in particular a client sent a video where they swore there were two people conversing with their SO. Watching the video you could clearly see the SO was alone. However after enhancement you could hear dialog of two other voices. I suggested the client consider the possibility of EVP but they would have nothing to do with it and could only believe that there were 3 living humans speaking.