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 Posted: Aug 12th, 2008 01:26 PM
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I have been a Forensic Audio and Video Expert for a number of years. I am certified and have investigated and also testified in cases ranging from narcotics to homicide. Some of which were hi profile cases such as the Sarah Johnson double homicide and the case of missing American Natale Holloway for the Dr. Phil Show on ABC.

I have been asked on occasion to help with EVP recordings. Some of these are quite remarkable. I have worked on several that are truly intriguing. One of these was a case in Clinton, MA. USA. This case was featured on the series Ghost Hunters. The recordings that I analyzed in regards to this case were fascinating and quite disturbing in many ways. The recordings had demonic and angelic EVP and or phenomena of interest.

I will never forget the day I started my analysis of the recordings. I put the tape into my JVC system and instantly the lights started to flicker and dim. I didn't think too much of it until I started discovering voices on the recording. That is when all the electrical systems at the lab went out completely. It was a little unnerving as it happened at a very interesting section of the audio.

One of the aspects of working a case like this is that as an expert I have to base my findings on facts. This is interesting as the forensic community at large regards this type of work as frivolous or as not worthy of mention publicly. I am not so sure that it can be that easily overlooked IMHO.

One case I worked was a taped reading from a renown psychic here in Maine.  There were several women present at this gathering and as they always did they taped the session to help remember the medium's statements.

There was a woman who's son was recently killed in an accident at home. This woman was asking questions and as she was speaking you could hear a male voice saying "Ma" "Mom Help" Ma" etc etc... This went on for over 3 minutes. It was random and was not related to equipment malfunction or other mitigating factors. It was clearly a male and was clearly human voice but it was not in the normal frequency range of the others present that day.

Quite intriguing and still makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up when I listen to it.

I think that the scientific community needs to take this research a bit more seriously as I believe  there are plenty of legitimate examples out there.