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 Posted: Jun 30th, 2008 07:57 AM
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Hello all, I now have an update on one of my missing person cases.

As many of you know I started working as a part time volunteer this past April 2008 with an advocate using my RS 12-469 radio on AM to help get leads for law enforcement on cold case missing person cases. I am now working 4 cases, and one of them was recently put to test, meaning a search was performed at a location the spirit told me evidence would be there.

Sure enough and much to the surprize of the search team, all but one item was located, and this cold case has now been reopened and going strong again.

So what have I learned thus far that can perhaps help others in our field should they use their radios for this purpose?

Yes and No Answers:

Yes and No answers to my questions have proved thus far to be my biggest problem. I seem to get more yes answers than no, and I believe this attributes to acknowledgement rather than a true yes or a true no.

For example, for those of you that have seen some of these old TCM (Turner Classic Movies) where there is a congregation of church goers, and everytime the preacher makes a statement, or even asks a question, those in attendance shout out amen, or thats right. This is pure acknowledgement.

To understand where the problem occurs, for example, I may ask the deceased victim "Are your body and your motorcycle both in the lake?", and then get several responses of yes answers from multiple spirits, but it could be that spirit said No,  but it was the other spirits saying Yes, in agreement or to confirm what the victim said.

To get around this issue, I have had to reformulate the way I ask questions. Instead of asking is your body in the lake, I ask is your body in the lake or the woods. Then I expect to get either lake or woods, and doing so has helped tremendously in getting more accurate answers. I also ask the same question more than once in a recording. So lets say I have ten questions to ask, after I ask all ten, I repeat those same questions again, to help ensure I get the same answer, and if i do not get the same answer, then I ask that question over again in different ways until I get a repeat.

In one of my recordings, two different voices made these comments loud enough where I heard them real time, and I was able to respond back why I was doing it. "Why is he asking so many times" " he does not get it". From here I explained I had to ask many times because not always does their response show up on the radio nor the recorder, so I have to ask many times with hope that at least on of those times I will capture the response.

First Name/Last Name:

Early on asking the first name and last name of the victim or even of the other person that murdered them was a problem. Most times I already have potential suspect names, so if they give me at least the first name, then I can work on the last name.

But it is when I do not know any of the names that is the problem. Lets say I ask what is the first name, and I get Joe, and then I ask for a last name and I get Jones, then Marion, then Anderson, that is a problem and most likely other spirits chiming in to give me their last names.

So before every recording, and before I even turn the recorder on, I let them know the questions I will ask, and that I need the first and last names all in one shot.

Now what I have been getting are responses in one of two methods. Either one spirit will say Joe Jones all at once, or two different spirits will say it at once. Female sounding will say Joe and then a male sounding spirit will say Jones, this occuring all in one shot.

Keith, I know you disagree with me on male and female sounding voices/young and old, but I have asked the spirits in some of my recordings if the voice I hear whether male or female, young or old, is that voice they used when they were alive, and those I spoke to confirmed just that. But who knows.... for sure.. I could be wrong

Answers that require a sentence:

In my early recordings, I have always asked questions that require a one word or two word answer, but I have noticed recently that the spirits on their own have been giving me complete sentences, but in tag team format, much like the first name/lastname answers.

For example, "Who killed you? Was it John or Bill?

I have received Spirit response from 5 different spirits. "He" "Was" "Killed" "By" "Bill", or any of these other examples of responses "Is" "In the dumpster", or when I asked if a victim was raped, I expected a yes or no answer, and got "Where baby comes", "she was filled" "Beaten" "it was horrible" "what they did" "to her".

In closing, I will continue to keep all of you informed, but again I can not share recordings nor case data as I have a confidentiality agreement with this team I work with.

If there is anyone else out there using their radio to assist law enforcement, please contact me to let me know what you have learned that could help me better my recording process.