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 Posted: Jun 19th, 2008 07:34 AM
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A truly fascinating set of experiments. I have one thought to possibly trial. How about running a known, clear, Class A EVP in a loop and seeing what the smoke or water does ?
It combines our recent thoughts on the sound to vision, from your other recent experiments. Extra data, images from EVP's, could be gleaned by using such techniques ?

Another thought, would be to use the water method, directly connected to a live EVP session. The tape recorder runs whatever is coming into it, back out to the speaker, and the water might be affected. In such a way, a spirit may be able to be shown, coming forward during an investigation or other EVP session. A viewing addition for live study might include a strobe light, as seen in some 'Instructibles' videos, where people catch a drop of water seemingly in mid air. Strobing the water movements could yield an animation of the spirit presence.

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