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 Posted: Jun 8th, 2008 02:43 PM
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I seriously think people like us have these weird ideas for a reason - no one else might ever think of them.

One person used a laser and a camera with a 6 second overexposure and got a picture; this idea is certainly another worth looking into.

My first thought was a way to 'see through' one plane of a 3 dimensional audio plane; well maybe audio and waves are really planar depending on the polarization.

I think audio is circular; I am not even sure LOL; seems like it should be planar though.

This leads to projection, like onto a tv screen; you are seeing a slice of video (!?) in time of the audio wave structure.

I wonder what the comparison would be of a 28mhz audio mixed signal and a regular voice would look like; this relates to Spiricom, it sounds.

There is also a TIME feature here...