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 Posted: May 31st, 2008 08:15 AM
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I have the Ovilius, and so far, I feel I get much better results with traditional recording in a quiet room with a digital recorder or with the EVPMaker and allophones.  My problem with it is that it seems to be randomly repetitious (for example, if I hear the words "Energy" and the syllables "fierce" again, I am going to scream:blink: (although these words may be relevant somehow, they certainly have not been concerned with anything I have asked at the time).  When I ask a question in dictionary and phoneme mode, I get lots of Oh-Ee-Oo-Ah-Eh over and over and then a random word (usually one I've heard many times before), then the same pattern repeated. 

It might start to grow on me if I keep using it, but right now, as I said, I've had far more relevant, long responses with traditional and more recently static SW radio sweep and EVPMaker/Allophone recordings.  It might be just great as a digital dowser, although I haven't tried that.  I will let you know if things change--they could--it has happened before with me.  Vicki