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 Posted: May 15th, 2008 06:39 PM
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Keith Clark

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Hi Mike,

I believe you misunderstood me in the above comment. The only reason I mentioned the Chris name is because I did hear it twice, the second time I stated that I heard "I'm Chris" - which made me pay more attention to the first "Chris". It's not a big deal - I'm not one for rehashing sound clips.

Well, I have said the same thing many times. "I'm not a psychic, nor a medium". Yet when I have readings, I am told that is not true. Looking at my work, a person would also perhaps not agree with my self-assessment.

The more I study, the more I realize that us people have given the classification of psychic and medium to people who express their gifts in a consistent or skilled manner. Spirit communicators always tell us that everyone has a connection, deep down inside, at the core everyone is psychic and connected because after all, we are all one. They don't like us to sell ourselves short by thinking that a psychic connection isn't possible, that it is something we don't have or can't achieve.

So when we say "I'm not a psychic or medium", we're saying "I don't seem to possess or exhibit the characteristic traits and communication skills that are commonly accepted in society and labeled as psychic or medium."

If you work with ITC, then in one form or another you connect on a deeper level - whether you know it or not.

My simple reply is this: A person seeking the truth, knowing that anything is possible. Doesn't matter whether you think you're a medium or not - it's just a label.

:) Keith

(Replies aren't usually long-winded, but I felt inspired by your comments.)