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 Posted: May 15th, 2008 07:27 AM
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Had to think about that comment. I heard that faint Chris too, but shrugged it off because the accent was different, and i did not think the name was related to the voice.

Like you said, if that Chris voice would have said Im Chris, then I would have considered it. 

I purchases the software you told me about, but have been so busy with work and also documenting the recordings on the misssing person case for the police, that I have not tested it yet.

I am documenting everything, mainly since this is my first case, and any methods out of it may help others that attempt such a path.

My main purpose here is to find the body. But, I am getting so much more info, and the police advocate is having me ask questions about the murder, that a path lets say normally taken by a medium where they give their remote view and walk away, I am still in the mix finding crime clues.

Just to give you an example, I heard a word from two spirits in the same recording. One a female and one an older sounding male. The word was "Purse". So I focussed on the Purse, and got xyz'z backyard. The advocate says they know a person by this first name and to focus on a last name and if the Purse is burried and where. 

I realize I represent the ITC community, and for this reason ask many of the questions over again, and even in the next day's recordings.

After I record, I take the main file, and segment the questions and answers into an excel document with name of main file, segmented file name, and purpose of that day's recording, ie May x, 2008 Find the Gun.

For the problem lets say with getting allot of Yes answers, I reformulate the question, to try and get a no. Like the other day they kept saying yes for this one question, and I said to them that I keep getting a yes for two different items, please give me a yes or a no. I already knew the answer to the question but was trying to getthe boy to tell me. See the other spirits help him, but they may say yes, but it is when he says NO or yes, that is when I feel comfortable that I have the right answer.

I write procedures and education documents for my job, so when this is all over, I plan to write out a process how I did this, and add fixes to any areas that I can improve upon. 

Key component now is I need to get the target spirits answers, and not count on the answers of the other spirits alone as valid. If the target spirit and the others say the same thing, then that to me is ok. But if the answers are only coming from the other spirits, and not the voice of the missing spirit in my case, I am not comfortable with that.

After this case is solved, and if police share with me all confirmations what I recorded to what the leads led to, that will help me try and better my process in this new field.

So Keith, I am not a pyschic nor a medium. So what am I?????


Mike Edwards