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 Posted: May 15th, 2008 06:52 AM
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Keith Clark

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Hi Mike,

So we have a good comparison, what is your last name?

In addition, when you asked "Who are you to call me", I heard the reply "Chris." And a one-syllable name is difficult to confirm like that, and would have been had he not also said at the end of the clip "I'm Chris."

As far as anyone using this technique besides yourself, I have heard of it several times, but the numbers of people that do it are very few. I have only heard of people using evp for such investigations rather than sweep tuning.

Sweep tuning is controversial, as I described in the introductory post. As it stands, there are many people out there who "hear" messages in their sweep tuning - but very few who follow proper procedure and restrain their tendencies to shape and form what they try so hard to hear. It appears that there are more that don't follow good procedure than do. I have not seen any of these tendencies in your recordings so far - in fact, I have been able to easily understand the clips that you have shared.

I can speak freely of these tendencies because I used to be inclined towards them. 

That being said, it would seem that you have a gift, and a specific purpose and motivation for what you do. There is nobody that can tell you that you are doing the right thing, or that you should change your method - because you are that person. If you are successful with your aims using the sweep tuning as you appear to be, and hold to your standards, you will be fine. Most leaders in ITC would also add a strong cautionary and discretionary note because you also represent the ITC community.

I look forward to viewing more of your work on the forum.