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 Posted: May 12th, 2008 06:42 PM
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In my intro, I spoke briefly about a missing child case I am working on to help find a missing child who has been missing for a year now. I notice this site consists of researchers spanning a world wide spectrum.

Are there others out there that are using sweep radios to assist Law Enforcement?

I am actually on my first case ever. I was approached by a friend who happens to be a medium that assists in missing child cases. She asked if I was interested in using the RS radio to help find a young man, still considered a child, that had been missing for a year now.

Having learned a great deal about AM sweep from Frank Sumption and others, I had come to a point in my recordings where I had developed spirit friendships with regular visitors, all more than happy to assist me in my experiments. In my intro, I have attached an MP3 of one of those experiments where I would hold items up and ask the spirits to tell me what it was.

When my friend asked me if I was interested in the case, I felt comfortable saying yes, as I had a gut feeling that my spirit friends would help me try and locate this child, well 19 year old.

All I was given was a last location seen, a URL to the family My Space page, and that law enforcement believed he was murdered. All the media knows is that he is still missing without a trace.

The night before, I prepared myself saying a prayer to my spirit friends, asking them if they would find this boy for my recording the next day.

On the day of the recording, I got on Google Earth, and pulled up the satellite image of this boy's last location seen which was a gas station, and started the recording.

Strange as when I turned the AM sweep on, and asked if there were any spirits with me, and also asked questions about this boy, I got no results. 15  minutes passed, so I decided to try out my new SW radio I bought, and the only capture I got was this spirit that shouts out  my name from time to time. He has a British accent.

I work from home, and had 30 minutes left before I had to start work, and thought what the heck, I will try the am sweep again, and to my surprise I contacted him.

Just to give an example, and I will be happy to explain my process, as it is evolving daily, here is an example of how the first contact was made.

"Are there any spirits here today" many yes answers. (here you can hear male and female voices as well as the voice of a young man"

"I am trying to find a missing child and his name is xxx, and he has been missing for a year, and was last seen at this location xxx. Is xxx person here with me?" Distinct yes, and other spirits chime in repeating the yes answers, or any answers for that matter going forward.

Were you murdered" Yes

And then that spirit i told you about chimes in to say my name. So I ask him if this boy was murdered, and he said yes.

Now that I know he was murdered, I ask him questions about where his body is, and ask if his body is located anywhere in the satellite image on my computer, etc.. Yes answers.

I repeat all the same questions over again, and share what I get with the police advocate, and they have me ask more questions. They tell me to focus on where the body is.

Not to go into it all, but I have hours of recordings spanning from April 23rd to date, and again the answers are either yes, no, or I even get names of people, street names, etc.

On my third recording, the medium gives me her remote view, and in that she sees he was shot, and she tells me what body part he was shot in. So I focus my questions here, and he tells me the actual body part which matches with the review. Other questions about the review are matched as well.

As I continue, day after day, I am trying to locate his body, and I keep asking are you buried in the ground or in the woods, and then one day after my second round of questioning, when I ask for the body location is it in the woods or a field or whatever, a female spirits says "water".  There are two ponds in the satellite image, so now I focus on the ponds.

Again, are there others out there that are using these radios to help find missing children?

I have attached a file of the spirit that I told you about that chimes in on my recordings. Enjoy



Attachment: Spirit said my first name and last name.mp3 (Downloaded 1631 times)