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 Posted: Mar 26th, 2008 04:21 PM
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Thanks Chris :biggrin:

What prompted further forays into all this, was a very clear EVP around 2 years ago. I'd bought the answering machine for parts and to mess about with, then found the voice quality was actually pretty good. So, while trying out the portable mod, I gained a Class B EVP of a guy saying something or other! Wired it up to output directly to my PC and recorded the EVP...unfortunately, with running our cams 24/7, I haven't backed up everything every time a hard drive runs out of 'spinning grease'. I still have that answering machine though, even though another 20 have been stripped.

I'll take a look at your site Chris :)
Our cams are down til tomorrow evening, we have a lot of realtor viewings for our house. But our banner for my paranormal group Spirited Investigations and the banner for Cougarcams, our webcams are in this post.
I'll edit our pages and include your link.

Link to Spirited Investigations is:
Link to the webcams is:

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