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 Posted: Mar 24th, 2008 01:19 PM
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Of note, perhaps, for this section.
A phone call from the deceased is often reported and, it would seem, that strange answering machine messages are sometimes encountered too. Digital answering machines share many of the same components as digital voice recorders that we carry we can hunt out bargains at the local thrift stores !
It stands to reason, that EVP's may be possibly caught using a telephone answering machine as much as a dedicated portable voice recorder.

I've bought and modified many $2 digital answering machines from thrift shops, to give a voice recorder that can hold many minutes of data. It's quite easy, you simply wire up straight to the message record function.
Most such machines have small circuit boards inside and operate from 9V...indeed, many machines require the insertion of a 9V battery to hold the recorded messages in case of power outtages.

A simple modification, that doesn't even entail opening the casing, is to make the unit portable. We just run an extra pair of power leads, from the battery to the power input by way of a suitable plug and an on/off switch. Then switch it on and go for the 'Record OGM'...your outgoing message is the recording you make as though using a voice recorder for EVP. Listen back, by listening to the 'outgoing message'.
What we end up with, even as above, is a portable digital voice recorder for the cost of a burger :D