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 Posted: Mar 17th, 2008 02:04 PM
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A few years back I tried water running in a bathroom and recorded it to a cassette. That method leaves a tape full of a good clean source of white noise for other experiments, even if the listen back doesn't give an EVP. Good for relaxing to at night as well :)

We've currently got our house up for sale, but not because it has a history of haunting activity.
If we were to stay, we'd run water over our mirrors that are shown online. Mind you, I said that about feedback ITC for the TV and that's proven to be an awesome experiment the last few days. Results are similar to those with a different TV and different feedback method a couple of years ago.
One of our mirrors has a proven track record, being donated to us by a family whose own eye sightings and webcam uploads produced a situation where the teenage kids wanted the thing removed from their house.
The running water experiment would also be good for broadcast, casually observing visitors to the site could then both see and hear how it all works and might conduct their own experiments. I know that several people have commented on the trippy psychadelic nature of the ITC TV nowadays lol
Our most major of problems is that we generally have half an hour to ready the house for potential buyers and I rip down the whole setup of 6 cameras plus the feedback gear.

If I work out a way of running the water with the mirrors, in something that can be built/unbuilt in a couple of minutes (quiet pump and maybe between 2 pieces of glass from old scanners?), I might well use some of your techniques and put the setup online. We don't use webcams for 4 cams, which I find has given clearer images and less flack from the pixel brigade. The Exxis CCTV systems cameras go to a TV capture card instead. Worth looking at this some more.
Thanks for the videos :)